Belinda Davis Waterhouse

January 29, 2019

Lisa and her dogs will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our pup was gone after being hit by a car for two days. She was in thick woods that is 3 miles deep behind our house. She is brindle and blended into the forest floor. Lisa left at the end of a very long first day without success. We had a total of 23 people searching. Lisa showed up the next afternoon with different dogs. She had a “ feeling” about a spot she had visited the previous day. A half hour into the search, they found her in scrunched down in the woods settling in for another night alone in the woods. Her ankle was broken, so Lisa followed us to the ER. She stayed with us while she had her ankle splinted and checked out. It was 11:30 pm when Lisa headed home - a good hours drive. We are forever grateful to her and her dogs. Unbelievable group!! She knows her stuff!! 😜.

Katie Kiger

July 25,2018

Very professional, informative, caring & incredibly supportive! I am a veterinarian who recently lost my puppy, and I was very impressed by the people I had contact with in this group. Beyond just K9 tracking, this team had all the best info on comprehensive and greatly varied action steps I could take to increase the chances of finding my pet. Our K9 scent track was scheduled for this evening, and thankfully thanks to the great advice from this team, my pup was found this morning and is now home safe & sound. Cannot thank you all enough. Highly recommend contacting the instant you know your pet is lost!!!

Jessica Douglas

June 7, 2018

My kitty of 12 years went missing Friday night, never been outside alone before.. we waited a few nights and no return. We searched our entire yard and next door neighbors and even into the woods behind our house, but no sign. We left food, water, and familiar scented clothing outside, but nothing. We asked all surrounding neighbors, posted flyers and anything else we could think of. We have heard coyotes a few months ago, and know of a fox being at our neighbors before, so I didn’t want to wait any longer. On Tuesday we had Suzanne, Levi & Quincy come down. We tracked for about two hours total, but ultimately were led to a cow farm a mile away, where we did have to pass across I think two roads to get to there. We had one person mention they think they saw a cat recently in the woods near that farm, matching my kitty’s description. We left a scent trail leading home, as well as two have a heart traps, and some yummy tuna. Two nights after leaving the scent trail, we found him in one of the traps we set in our garage. He made the trek home, surviving the roads and any animals he may have been near. Covered in ticks, a little freaked out, hungry, but finally safe home after almost a week gone.

They have an amazing team, very kind, & filled with great advice. The dogs were amazing. I think it’s great they use two dogs to verify the scent. Very dedicated workers. Highly recommend. Thank you

James Barrett

April 8, 2018

We originally started to investigate the idea of scent tracking dogs with someone closer to us but when that fell through we went with LPTD as a secondary option. Let me tell you, did we luck out!!! Suzanne was amazing and the dogs we spectacular. We tracked my lost chihuahuas scent for about 5.5 miles before we ran out of light and although we are still searching for her, we are very grateful to know she was on the move and more importantly....where she went! What a relief LPTD has been in this time of crisis for us! Thank you!

Heather Lee Gaudet

January 18, 2018

Losing a pet is a truly terrifying experience. Our dog, Bruce, had taken off after a deer and five days later was still missing. I had lost hope in his safe return, especially considering the sub-freezing temperatures he was lost in. My phone call to K9 Trackers was returned almost immediately and the information and reassurances I received breathed fresh hope and the first moments of peace I’d had in 5 days. The trackers were scheduled to track Bruce the following day, in the midst of a snow storm. Luckily, Bruce was found at 2:30 that morning when he jumped into a snowplow truck. I truly believe that though we never technically used the K9 Trackers services, the phone call and plan breathed energy into the situation and helped facilitate the luck/fate that brought Bruce home... in addition to giving me peace of mind, reassurance and hope. Thank you so much you guys!!!

Michelle Zelazny

January 10, 2018

I cannot recommend Lost Pet Tracking Dogs more highly. I am part of a rescue and we had a lost foster dog down in Delaware. Suzanne was instrumental in helping Eve return home after 2 weeks on the run. She was professional, knowledge, and always available for any questions whether through text, phone call, or email. Our first phone call was 90 minutes. We never felt rushed and learned so much from her. She even helped us to locate a trapper in the more immediate area. I'm happy to say we did never end up having to meet in person though we had scheduled for Suzanne to come down after Eve was found. We are incredibly grateful and so lucky to have had her help!

Pekingese Home Safe and Sound!


By: Morgan, Julie & Samantha - Bridgton, Maine
I wanted to share my experience with Lost Pet Tracking Dogs. Recently I was able to take part in a search for a friends dog that had been missing for about 10 days without any sightings. I reached out to Lisa and her K-9 team in hope of getting some answers. I have heard many great things about LPTD and so many success stories, however I was still on the fence of believing it was possible for a K-9 unit to track another dog. Well it is definitely possible. On the morning of the search we received our very first sighting and when LPTD showed up we immediately went to that location. Owner Lisa gave us a run through on what different actions meant (sit and bark if no scent, paw on leg if decomposition scent) so that we would know what each signal meant. K-9 Mason started the search off and immediately picked up scent and followed a path down to the lake where we immediately found fresh tracks. He then lead us on an hour hike down the lake and into a campground still on the trail. After an hour we still could not catch up to the dog we were looking for and we decided to give Mason a break. We went back to the truck and out came K-9 unit Bella. Bella tracks much tighter than Mason and did not pick up scent where Mason did and gave the sign for no scent. We walked a bit further down towards the lake and tested her again, she gave the sign for no scent yet again. We decided to then take her down to the lake and asked her to track again and she immediately took off on the same trail Mason had lead us down confirming Charity had in fact been there. I was shocked at the ability of these dogs and in aw just watching them. It's just like watching search and rescue dogs for humans only for your pets. Thank you Lisa, Mason and Bella for you fantastic work and great service. By confirming her location we were able to set feeding stations, cameras, and post flyers in the right areas. 2 days later due to having our flyers in the right area Charity was found. Without the K-9 team we we would not have known which direction to go. Thank You and Paws up!

So grateful for the team helping Lemon come home!

I am so grateful that Lisa and her team came down to help me find my early generation Bengal cat "Lemon"....

I wasn't expecting to find him or have the results we did. He is strictly an indoor cat, when he managed to get out and we didn't realize it for 20 minutes or so we thought we would find him close by. As the minutes passed and then hours and we could not find him, I really started to panic. We had searched the yard very thoroughly and then proceeded to check in the fields and power lines adjacent to our home. Then things got even worse. That night we had the worst rains and wind since I can remember. The rain was pouring down and I was so worried that he was obviously stuck out there in this or worse. The next day came and again, no Lemon. My fiancé and myself hiked through the woods, fields and neighboring roads and yards to no avail.

I would even go out at night with a flashlight in hoping to see the glow of his eyes. that night I believe I chased down two deer and a porcupine through the woods. I am obviously not a good tracker LOL! I took off all those days off he was missing from work. I could not go to work knowing he was lost.

David, My fiancé was trying to convince me that something terrible may have happened to him. Where we live there is an over abundant amount of coyotes, fisher cats and other wild life. The neighbors are constantly losing their cats or finding only their remains. Knowing this, I still had hope.

After the third day I received Lisa's contact information from a Pet Detective and immediately contacted them. My first contact was with Erika, who was amazingly helpful and especially compassionate. She then scheduled Lisa to come down with her team of dogs.

The next day, Lisa came down and started with her track dog "Bella" who immediately picked up Lemon's scent..... Boy we were in for an amazing journey... Bella took us through the power lines, crossing roads then into the deep woods at an amazing pace... Bella stopped and found what Lemon had been eating, sleeping and mousing.  Bella and Lisa's stamina for this was more than impressive. This was quite the workout. We figured that night we probably tracked around 5-7 miles.  Night starting coming upon us and Lisa had taken out another track dog "Dante" what a wild man he is! He found also exactly where Lemon was roaming...

Lisa had told us that it was good that we had accompanied her on the track because then Lemon would have my scent from our house and most likely make his way home... I was a little skeptical but I was hopeful that she was right, and she was. Lisa was also convinced that Lemonwas alive since the dogs did not pick up the cadaver scent.

That night Lemon showed up for the first time in 4 days!!!  He made his way back just like Lisa had said, he would not approach me at all. He was extremely skittish.... Knowing this now, he must have been in such close proximity when we were tracking him. He would not come out as I thought he would when he saw us. I knew this was the first time he had come to the house because we had left food outside every night and it was never touched. When he showed up that night he went right for the food!

Again, Lisa recommended that we trap him with a humane trap... Erika had also given great advice on how to do this. Once again, they were both right and we captured Lemon and brought him home.

Sorry for such a crazy long review and story, but I was really so impressed with your organization and your dogs! Lisa knows how to read her dogs and she handles them very well. Her tracking abilities are phenomenal. That is one experience I will never forget!!! Thank you everyone for your help. I really can't  thank you enough!!!  My neighbors would also thank you if they could. The crazy lady who lost her cat is no longer running down the road at all hours swinging a rotisserie chicken yelling for "Lemon" and trying to attract the cat by throwing my laundry outside and hanging from the trees :)

Thank you for the happy ending....


Lemon’s family

Searching for Miss Molly

The Staff at Lost Pet Tracking Dogs are caring and answered any questions I had about finding my cat Miss Molly.  Lisa, the K9 handler was knowledgeable about scents and tracking.  She explained what she and her dogs were doing as we were following the scent.  Once we followed a scent trail using Mason, she brought out another one of her dogs Murphy to confirm the scent trail.  Even though I have not found my cat yet, I now have a more specific area to search for her.  Lisa also gave me advice on the next steps I should take to try to capture my cat Miss Molly.  I know that if I have anymore questions I can email or call Lost Pet Tracking Dogs.  I am glad that I used the services of Lost Pet Tracking Dogs.

Redcloud and Sunshine

Until I needed this type of assistance, I was not aware that such a wonderful service existed.  You really help people and their animal friends under very stressful circumstances.  I will certainly pass along your contact information. Thanks for what you do.